Erik Oredsson, PR and Communication

When Erik at the age of 15 received his first film camera, his big compassion for film production was born. Since then, his knowledge in film making has grown at the same time as his network has expanded. Today he’s running his own business where he’s producing movies for small/medium […]

Matilda Dickman, Event

Matilda was born and raised in Stockholm, where she studied a BSc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).  During her studies, she worked part-time in banking and after graduating she continued within the banking industry in London and Stockholm.  However, quite soon she realized that it […]

Jessica Guter, Event

Growing up in both Sweden and England, Jessica has always appreciated and valued the experiences gained by living and participating in different cultures. Since then, she has continued to develop an eagerness to visit different places, especially when provided with the opportunity to grow into the specific culture. This interest […]

Max Westling, Finance & Membership Management

Max Westling grew up in Malmö, Sweden and fresh out of high school he decided to pursue a career as an industrial engineer. After studying at Lund University for close to five years he is now set to complete his MSc. this coming fall, majoring in finance and risk management. […]