Seminar 3 The Art of Selling – and getting it out there!

Below you will find some key notes about the 5 most important things to think about in order to become successful in sales and distribution in the U.S.: 1. People have less patience in the U.S. In Europe people are willing to wait. 2. Speak out loud and be confident, but don’t forget to be nice and humble. It’s all about selling and building relationships. 3. You have to know your product, market and customers. There are no geographical boundaries anymore, you have to segment your customers on other parameters. 4. Be passionate or have something that is truly unique. Position yourself as the underdog and/ or the new kid on the block. People in the U.S like to be the first to find the “new” company/product. 5. Take the customers’ point of view and focus on what the they want. There is always a gap in the market and it’s your job to find it.]]>