Pre-Oscar Parties

Last year we held our first Pre-Oscar party to celebrate Scandinavian, and particularly Swedish success within the movie industry. Since the event turned out so great we decided to make it a yearly event and just held our second one at the Jack Rutberg Fine Arts gallery.
Every year we invite the Oscar nominees from Sweden and our neighboring countries to enjoy a lovely evening in their honor together with our members and friends.
The event is an excellent opportunity to make new connections and expand your social and work-related network.

The Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Party 2014

The Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Party 2014 turned out to be a great success and we are so happy that so many known and new faces joined us!  Over 300 guests came to celebrate Scandinavian film and the Oscars at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery.  After the guests had arrived and had their picture taken on the red carpet they entered the gallery and enjoyed a lovely evening of mingling and nibbling on the Swedish inspired hors d’oeuvres that were served.


The talented singer Zara Larsson together with her mom on the red carpet.


Over 300 guests listening to SACC-LA’s president Gudrun Giddings’ welcome speech.

peter franzén o Per Hallberg

Actor/Director Peter Franzén together and with the three Oscar winner Per Hallberg.
Photographer: Kerstin Alm

britt ekland

Britt Ekland, Swedish actress and John Heilman.
Photographer: Kerstin Alm


SACC-LA’s guests had the opportunity to get a preview of the amazing art exhibition “Twin Visions – Jerome Witkin & Joel-Peter Witkin” that is on display at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts starting Saturday, March 1st.

Among the attendees we also had a few Oscar nominees that will be representing Scandinavia on Sunday.  The Co-Producers Jessica Ask and Madeleine Ekman from the Danish movie “The Hunt” joined us and celebrated their nomination in the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.  The team behind “The Hunt” has already received a large number of awards, for instance won a Golden Globe in the category Best Foreign Language Film and the leading actor, Mads Mikkelsen, was awarded for Best Actor in both Cannes Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival.

danska nomineringar

Co-producer of the Oscar nominated film “The Hunt”, Jessica Ask,  SACC-LA’s President Gudrun Giddings and Co-Producer of the Oscar nominated film “The Hunt” Madeleine Ekman.
Photographer: Kerstin Alm

finsk nominering_00000_00000

The Screenwriter Kirsikka Saari and the Producer Elli Toivoniemi from the Finnish short movie “Do I Have to take Care of Everything?” also joined us to celebrate their nomination for Best Live Action Short.  See all the red carpet pictures on our facebook page.

The Silent Auction, which is a recurring and greatly appreciated part of our events turned out to be a hit yet again.  We would like to give an extra thanks to our Silent Auction sponsors.


Markus Manninen, the animation genius behind “Kung Fu Panda” and the Oscar nominated “The Croods”, is a happy winner of a Scandinavian gift bag from Shoop’s in the Silent Auction.


The Film Composer Christine Hals, who has done Scandinavian herding calls and lyrics in Old Norse for the Oscar nominated “Frozen”, won the Led Zeppelin signed guitar in the Silent Auction.

Pre-Oscar Parties 2013

In February 2013 we hosted The Swedish Pre-Oscar Party and co-hosted The Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Celebration to honor the Swedish and Scandinavian Academy Award Nominees.
A Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Celebration was an event that Moods of Norway hosted on February 23, 2013 in co-operation with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles, Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Embassy in the U.S., Royal Norwegian Consulate General and  Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce.  You can read more about the event HERE.
The Swedish Pre-Oscar Party was hosted by SACC-LA at Daniel Maltzman Gallery in Beverly Hills February the 20th, 2013. SACC-LA’s President Gudrun Giddings and Board Member Jennings Segura held a ceremony to honor the Swedish Nominees and to wish them luck at the 85th Academy Award. You can read more about the event HERE.


A Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Celebration
Hadia Tajik, Norwegian Culture of Minister and Gudrun Giddings, Film Producer and President of SACC-LA


A Scandinavian Pre-Oscar Celebration.
Guest, Maja Sjödin, Agneta Sjödin, Swedish TV personality
and Marcus Kowal, Board Member


The Swedish Pre-Oscar Party
Per Hallberg, Malik Bendjelloul and Paul N.J. Ottosson

The Swedish Pre-Oscar Party
Per Hallberg, Gudrun Giddings, Malik Bendjelloul,
Jennings Segura, and Paul N.J. Ottosson

Expressen and Aftonbladet interviews Malik Bendjelloul

The Swedish Pre-Oscar Party
Paul N.J. Ottosson, Karen Han, Megan Blake, and Kim H. Swartz