Speaker Boot Camp with TED Speaker and Executive Communications Coach John Bates

Photo courtesy: Michael Brand

SACC-LA invites you to a Speaker Boot Camp with TED Speaker and Executive Communications Coach John Bates

Do you have a vision and passion that you want to present and inspire people to take action on?  Are you raising capital?  Are you in sales?  Are you in a leadership position?  Effective, clear and inspiring communication is the key to many solutions, the key to change taking place and to raising your game!  The popularity of TED talks; the omnipresence of video cameras and the virality of great video content have raised the bar dramatically for any and all presentations.
In conjunction with the TED conference in Long Beach in March, SACC-LA is hosting a Speaker Boot Camp with John Bates where you will learn how to make your every communication “TED Worthy.”
John Bates will teach you presentation structures that will astonish your audience and inspire people to take action! You will experience the enlightening differences between good speakers and bad speakers, and learn how to avoid common mistakes.  This illuminating workshop will leave you inspired and encouraged to take your communication to the next level!
Apart from a rewarding seminar, complimentary food and beverages will be served.  We look forward to seeing you there!
When: Tuesday, April 9th at 6:30pm – 9:30pm.
Where: The Satellite, 3110 Main Street, 2nd floor, Santa Monica, CA 90405, entrance on Navy Street.
Price: Members FREE, Non-members $35, Non-members who want to become a NEW Private Member in SACC-LA $60 (includes entrance fee and a 1-year SACC-LA membership worth $100).  If you are a non-member between ages 18-26, please contact us for information about special discount price at info@sacc-la.org.
RSVP to info@sacc-la.org by Monday, April 8th before noon at the latest. UPDATE: THE EVENT IS FULL