#SCANDICFILMS Stories From Scandinavia

Jonas and Sy Smensgard from ONECLOUD Entertainment

Last Wednesday our members, ONECLOUD Entertainment, hosted a film screening for four Scandinavian short films at the CGV Cinemas.  The films represented were: “Love at 3.56” by Dawid Ullgren, “Naked” by Daniel Hagberg, “The Wall” by Lars Klevberg and “Reset” by Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Åkerström.
“#SCANDICFILMS is our way of sharing extremely deserving new films with an audience eager for compelling international cinema.  All four of our films in this showcase have something important to say, and we’re fortunate to have a hand in sharing these artistic statements,” says Sy Smensgard, Festival Director and Lead Acquisitions.
The four films included in #SCANDICFILMS will be ONECLOUD Entertainment’s submission to the Academy of Motion Pictures for award consideration.
Marissa Guerrero Joven, one of SACC-LA’s board members, was the MC and moderator during the screening and the following Q&A session.  Challenges when making short films, working with child actors, common themes or emotions that binds Scandinavian films together were a few of the topics being discussed during the Q&A.
The films are playing at the CGV Cinemas next week and all SACC-LA members receive a 15% discount.  Please see the info below:
When: September 24th, 25th and 26th at 2.30pm and 3.30pm each day.
Where: CGV Cinemas, 621 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90005.  See map here
Tickets: $13. SACC-LA’s members receive a 15% discount on the price. To purchase the discounted tickets please email hello@onecloudentertainment.com
Parking: Parking for CGV is available at the Madang parking structure. A validated ticket from CGV Cinemas gives you 3 hours of free parking in the Madang parking complex.

Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Åkerström, filmmakers representing “Reset”


Kim H. Swartz, President of SACC-LA Foundation, Birgitta Lauren, President of SWEA-LA, Bo Svenson, actor, Gunilla Persson, TV personality