Welcome to the world of Spendrups Brewery, a successful Swedish family brewery with a long tradition, strong values and a wide portfolio of popular beverages. We can offer you a wide selection of drinks for most occasions.
It all began in Denmark in 1735, where Mads Pedersen Spendrup set up a vodka distillery in Copenhagen. The Spendrup family later moved to Sweden, where we established the brewery in the Dalarna province. Our grandfather Louis Spendrup acquired Grängesberg Brewery in 1923, which brewed 6-700 bottles a day.
A lot have happened since then and today, 8 generations later, we are still in the beverage industry and are more successful than ever. We are about to complete our 110 million Euro investment in our Grängesberg plant. The brewery will be Sweden’s largest, with a total output of 4 million hL of beer, soft drinks and mineral water. Spendrups is also investing in energy savings through bioreactor and mash burning, which will reduce its oil consumption by 90%. Other upgrades included in the investment are a 45,000 automatic pallet warehouse, expanded brew house capacity and additional filling lines.
But, regardless of size, the core of our business is craftsmanship and beverage experience. This is where it all starts. Quality is our guiding principle, irrespective of whether we are brewing beer, producing cider or other beverages. We are innovative and passionate brewers who enhance and pleasure for the consumer. We are available where people meet and socialise, whether that is a quiet dinner with friends or a night out with the pals.
Enjoy your beer and other products as most Swedes do. Cheers!
There is nothing fuzzy about Pistonhead. Water, barley malt and loaded with hops to always give it just the right finish. They are Kustomized for the laid-back hot-rodder and all other good people out there. Good beer for good people!
Pistonhead Kustom Lager is Kustom brewed with a double-clutch of Munchener and Pilsener malt
injected with Spalter Select,
Magnum and Perle hops that will leave a hint of bitterness on your lips, but never in your heart.
Life ain’t a race. It’s a trip.
Smile and enjoy your ride.
330 mL CAN
4,6 % alc./vol