CESMI 2013 – From Ocean to Shore

October 16-18
We are happy to be part of the inaugural CESMI conference in Los Angeles October 16- 18.  CESMI stands for “Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Maritime Industry” and the topics at the conference will range from ocean power and ship design to cargo handling in ports: “Ocean to Shore.”


Major investments are made by ship owners and ports to make the maritime industry more sustainable and more profitable.  The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will invest more than $8 bill in the next ten years in upgrades, infrastructure, and sustainability projects.  And, this is just the beginning.  We are talking about a major shift in the industry and it’s happening now!
The CESMI – from Ocean to Shore Conference will put you right in the middle of these exciting developments.
With major keynotes, about 20 speakers, and 3 panel discussions, this is going to be quite a unique maritime conference.  It’s clear focus will be on environmental sustainability, seen from both a port (“Shore”) and a shipping (“Ocean”) perspective.
Please take a look the schedule and read more about the CECMI conference on the webpage: www.cesmi2013.com
When: October 16-18. See schedule for details.
WhereDouble Tree by Hilton Hotel, 2800 Via Cabarillo-Marina, San Pedro, California 90731.  See map here.
Tickets: $325 per person for day 2 and 3. Register and buy tickets here.
Special Discount for SACC-LA Members: To receive information about the special discount for SACC-LA members please send an email to: info@sacc-la.org
For more information please contact us at: info@sacc-la.org or 310-622-3616