Sweden Film Commission

Your new location has it all!
Sweden is hot right now. Never before have so many Swedish and Scandinavian films, books and personalities appeared in the international media. Thanks to numerous international successes, Sweden is now a country that is associated with fantastic films, creative people, film shoots and interesting locations. Sweden has a good reputation and interest in shooting here has increased tremendously.
If you are looking for shooting locations, Sweden has everything. It is an ultramodern country with all the high-tech gadgetry and urban sophistication; but just off the superhighway you’ll find plenty of freely available, naturally wild and historically significant places that haven’t changed in centuries. Parts of Sweden will make you think you’re in continental Europe, but Sweden have a lot more space and everyone speaks English. Sweden can offer unique and inexpensive locations, thanks in part to
Sweden’s right of common, and it is also known for minimal bureaucracy and reaching decision makers is easy.
Whatever your needs, Sweden Film Commission (SFC) can provide every conceivable film-production service or piece of equipment, delivered by dedicated, experienced crews and merited professionals, along with excellent value for your production dollar. SFC has fully equipped sound stages in four strategic locations. And you will appreciate the fact that Swedes are renowned for their honesty, efficiency, punctuality and getting things done.
Curious? Check out the link below for more details, or contact info@swedenfilmcommission.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.
The organization is owned by Film i Skåne, Film i Väst, Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen, Filmpool Nord, Film & TV production companies and the industry association Resurs.