Sofie Cristoferson, PR & Communications

Sofie was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. After high school she worked for an apartment agency in Barcelona for six months and she developed and pursued an already existing interest in marketing and PR. She began studies for a BSc in Strategic Communications at Lund University, Sweden. After four years in Lund, she is set to complete her MSc in the same field of Marketing and PR following her internship at SACC-LA.

During her time in Lund Sofie has, aside from studying, worked as a brand ambassador and been involved in the staging of several events. Sofie also has a passion for art, creativity and everything that has to do with photography, an interest that has been very helpful during events and in her work with the student society magazine at Lund University.

As the Marketing Manager, PR & Communications, Sofie would like to use her passion for photography, marketing and PR and is hoping to improve SACC-LA’s visibility and activity in Social Media with texts as well as with photos.

She will be responsible for the social media channels, SACC-LA’s website, Finally Friday, press contacts and all overall communication strategies.

You can contact her at: or call: +1 323 309-5037