Roclord Studio

Roclord Studio is a fine art studio specializing in Unconventional Portrait Photography. Unconventional does not mean that every shot is weird with the subjects’ backs to the camera or hanging upside down off a bridge (hmmm, maybe I should try that). I’m not striving to end up with a traditional formula of two eyes looking right at the camera with combed hair and a smiling face. A smile is just one of dozens of possible expressions. I avoid paying attention to trends. Trendy things go out of style quickly and soon look dated. I want your images to be as fresh in 30 years as they are right now. While a commercial photographer would be hired to realize your vision, an artist would be commissioned to express his vision. My art is conceived to make the observer feel some kind of emotional sensation. I create images I want to see. Hopefully you will want to see them as well.
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Phone: (626) 796-4884

Address: 28 S Oakland Ave Pasadena, CA 91101