Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Founders of UN’SWEET, Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund!

The Un’sweet Team. From left, Co-founder & Creative Director Malin Eklund, Ambassador & Co-owner Tracy Tutor and Co-founder & CEO Lisa Agerman.
Photo Courtesy: Sebastian Kriz.

SACC-LA are thrilled to announce our new glorious members Un’sweet, founded by PR pros Malin Eklund and SACC-LA Board Member Lisa Agerman! Along with the entrepreneur and real estate agent Tracy Tutor, the three super entrepreneurs have already driven Un’sweet to a huge success in Scandinavia and the U.S. Un’sweet wine contains ZERO sugar, is 100% natural and gluten free, locally produced in California! Read the full interview to learn more about the impressive founders Malin Eklund & Lisa Agerman and their Un’sweet journey.
SACC-LA Interview with Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund,
Founders of Un’sweet!

1. What inspired you to start UN’SWEET and how did the idea come up?

We thought the wine business had for far too long been flying under the radar with its high and unnecessary sugar content. We always care about everything that is in our food and drinks normally, but when it comes to wine labeling, it’s not as transparent! We were missing a transparent wine that was free of sugar, sweeteners and additives, with a great taste for an affordable price. So we decided to create it!

2. You both have quite impressive backgrounds, what previous experiences have helped you when starting UN’SWEET? 

The fact that we are NOT from the wine industry, but the PR and fashion industry. We think that gives us a new look at the wine business that can be quite traditional and pretentious. You don’t have to be a sommelier to know what you want to drink!

3. Along the way, Tracy Tutor – the entrepreneur, real estate agent, author, and star of Bravo’s hit TV show “Million Dollar Listing”, joined your team as ambassador and co-owner. What makes the three of you a good team?

The dynamic between two Swedes and a Beverly Hills real estate agent becomes something completely different and fresh!

4. What has been the biggest milestone for UN’SWEET so far?

Going from an idea and wanting to create something new to seeing our wine becoming a part of this new and booming wine trend that focuses on not adding any sugar, sweeteners, chemicals or additives! We are happy that we predicted this new spot-on trend and having our Un’sweet wine take the lead and making way for a new generation of wines that are now popping up on the market. 

5. What are your future plans for UN’SWEET?

Dominating the wine market like “Squid Game” dominated Netflix!

6. What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur? Any lessons learned?

We don’t see any obstacles after starting a company during a pandemic, everything from here on is a piece of cake!

7. You are both Swedish, why did you choose to move to LA?

LA is one big vibrant sinkhole that sucks you in for better or for worse!

8. Which day of your life here in LA would you like to re-live if you had the opportunity?

To be a Swedish-American in the U.S. the night when Biden won the election! To be with all the neighbors cheering on the street and the folk fest in Boys town. 

9. What’s a “fun fact” about you that people might not be aware of?

The fact that Malin suddenly found out at a business meeting lunch that Lisa knows how to surf but hates to hike! Malin also makes her own hummingbird water for her garden!

10. How would you define success? 

To be able to choose who you want to work with and how you want to work.

From left: Malin Eklund and Lisa Agerman,
founders of Un’sweet.
Photo Courtesy: Emilia Björnsdotter.

Tracy Tutor, ambassador & co-owner of Un’sweet. Photo Courtesy: Shari Hoffman

Five Fast Ones with Lisa and Malin

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, we are Swedes!

Night out or Night in?
Both! The best part of LA is that you have time for both dinner and drinks and Netflix at home in one night with everything closing early.

Art museum or History museum?
Malin says art and Lisa is not a fan of museums.

Weekend or Holiday?
Dinner here always slides into work and work slides into dinner.

Countryside or City life?
In LA the city life melts together with the countryside.

Welcome to SACC-LA Un’sweet! ?

Un’sweet ZERO sugar Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio are available in the U.S. here. In Sweden you can find their Organic Cava here

Find more information about Un’sweet via their website.
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To hear more of Malin, listen to her podcast “Keeping up med Jennie & Malin”, hosted by Malin Eklund and Jennie Hammar, via Swedish Spotify here.