Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Kenny Mattsson, Founder of Kennys Gelato!

From left, founder of Kennys Gelato, Kenny Mattsson, together with music producer and Youtuber Sebastian Tadros. 
Photo Courtesy: Kennys Gelato. 

 Our stellar SACC-LA member Kennys Gelato, founded in 2019 by star-entrepreneur Kenny Mattsson, has already made a name for himself as one of Swedish Capital Stockholm’s most beloved gelato creators! With Kenny’s unique sense for gelato making and flavoring, Kennys Gelato have also been featured by a number of Swedish celebrities, such as artist Benjamin Ingrosso, entertainer “Markoolio” and actor Edvin Ryding, who all have created their own delicious gelato flavors. SACC-LA had the opportunity to interview the inspiring founder Kenny Mattsson, on everything from ketchup-flavored gelato to Kenny’s entrepreneurial gelato-journey!

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Kenny Mattson, founder of Kennys Gelato!

1. Tell us about Kennys Gelato and how the idea was born.

It was actually a gift from my wife on my 50-year birthday. A one-week course at “Carpigiani Gelato University” in Bologna, Italy. I loved the result when making gelato during the course and the feeling of working with the best products and fruits in the world. From day one I decided to start my own business. I found a 90 square feet premise in my neighborhood and settled the deal. 6 months later on April 18th, 2019, I open my first Gelateria.

2. You began your “gelato journey” kind of recently and it’s already a huge success! Did you expect this quick success and what do you think is the reason behind Kennys Gelato’s success?

I did not expect this success. I thought it would be enough for me to work a couple of hours in the morning and then let my daughter and her friends sell the ice cream during the day. Now we need to be three Ice cream makers and four scoopers working the whole day! The reason for the success I believe is the passion and always working with the best products and fruits in the world. Always be curious to create new exciting flavors.

3. It almost seems like you can take any food and make it into a delicious gelato flavor, what is the process when developing a new flavor?

That’s correct. Nothing has stopped me so far from trying new flavors. I even did a ketchup Gelato with a good result. The most important thing when creating a new flavor is to find the balance between the flavor and the Gelato/sorbet base. Pay attention to the sugar procreant. Too little sugar and the gelato will be too hard. Too much sugar and the gelato will be too soft.

4. Kenny Gelato has already expanded to two shops in the Stockholm area. Could you tell us about your plans of extending to Los Angeles?

Because of the pandemic, the expansion overseas is currently delayed. Hopefully this is something that we can do at the beginning of 2023. In the meantime, I will open my third Gelateria in Stockholm next year!

5. You have made at least 200 different flavors; is there one flavor that you were shocked turned out so well?

People are dying for the Irish Coffee flavor.

6. What’s your absolute favorite gelato flavor?

Swedish entertainer Markoolio’s Hazelnut with Crunch.

7. Gelato is only one part of you; you also have a history in the entertainment industry. How important is it for you to be able to use imagination and creativity in your work?

That is one of the most important things. To not be able to use one’s imagination and creativity, you are just a simple ice cream shop!

8. This is not the first time that you’re starting a new business. What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur?

Make it happen! Everybody has great ideas.

9. You have managed to make a living out of a “hobby”, what advice would you give to someone who wants to do the same with their hobby or passion?

I think you can do anything if you include passion, and if it is your hobby it will be even more fun to work with it. If you want something really bad and let your passion be part of it, you will eventually achieve it.

Markoolio’s Hazelnut with Crunch flavor. 
Photo Courtesy: Kennys Gelato.

Kenny Mattsson, founder of Kennys Gelato.
Photo Courtesy: 
Kennys Gelato. 

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