Valborg 2023

SACC-LA celebrated the arrival of spring with an incredible Valborg event on Saturday, May 6th 2023! This traditional Swedish holiday was celebrated at our wonderful members CAKE’s site in true Swedish and festive style in West LA with great music, food, drinks, and fun activities!

We want to say thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who made this event possible. Thanks to: Pixi Beauty for the great Goodie bags, SWEA-LA for the tasty snacks and hot dogs, Lovestory for the lovely music, The Swedish Consulate LA for the sponsoring, Amroth for the drinks, Nocco and Barebells for the energy-drinks and snacks! We also want to give our warmest gratitude to our amazing friends at CAKE-LA for making this event possible. Especially a warm thank you to CAKE-LA’s CGO and Managing Director N.A. Eric Asmussen, our great SACC-LA board member Chris Bjelkstam, and CAKE-LA’s very own event planner Alexa!

Enjoy a few of the memories from the event below and make sure to view our entire photo album on our Facebook here!

(left) SWEA-LA, (right) Lovestory.
(left) SACC-LA’s Marketing Managers Vendela, Elias & Lisa, (right) Guest scanning QR code to the songbook. 
(left) SACC-LA’s Boardmembers Jennings Segura, Lisa Agerman, Chris Bjelkstam, guest & Amir Maki,
(right) Chris Bjelkstam, guest & Eric Asmussen.
Video Courtesy: Terese Bergecliff.

Photo Courtesy: SACC-LA.