Additional Services

With 30 years of experience, SACC-LA can help you navigate in this hotbed for entertainment.  Our network stretches from investors, agents, publishers, music supervisors, producers, lawyers, hotels etc., and is the #1 preferred network in Los Angeles for those seeking Swedish-American cooperation within creative and innovative industries.
Whether you need help to get in contact with an agent, find a tax lawyer, recommendations on good restaurants to take your clients or advice on what to think of when buying a car, we will help you!
SACC-LA can also help your company establish local presence in Los Angeles through SACC-LA’s office on a legendary film studio lot. Our bilingual marketing managers will answer your American phone line, and you will be able to use our attractive street address on your business cards and as mailing address. There is also a possibility to rent a conference room through SACC-LA as a member.
SACC-LA provides tailored market research and can help your company to find Swedish Trainees through our extensive trainee program.
Please contact us for more information and to request a quote:, 310-622-3616/ 310-622-3617.