Keith Berglund, Founder of The Berglund Group

The principal and founder of The Berglund Group, Keith Berglund, has been practicing law since 1983. He began his legal career clerking for a federal bankruptcy judge in Chicago who was overseeing at that time one of the largest bankruptcy cases in the world – Energy Cooperative, Inc. For over […]

Helena Gytare, Independent Retail Consultant

Helena Gytare works as an independent retail and merchandising consultant. Helena can also be found as one of SACC-LA’s go-to event photographers. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach, hiking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Björn Barnekow, Founder of Bad Taste Records

With two childhood friends Björn Barnekow first started his own company towards the end of high school. Initially a record store/mail-order it soon grew into a highly influential record label with numerous top 5 releases. Nowadays Bad Taste Records is an entertainment company with offices in Santa Monica and Lund, […]

Felix Strand, CEO of Pixi Beauty

Felix Strand is the current CEO of Pixi Beauty, an international family-owned beauty brand that has global recognition and influence. He was born in Sweden but moved to London at a young age and later followed his family as they moved to Los Angeles to expand the family business. Felix […]

Hans Montelius, Cinemantrix

Hans Montelius is an award winning director and screenwriter. Montelius runs the production company Cinemantrix, with its studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Cinemantrix also host workshops and seminars by some of Hollywood’s top industry executives for Nordic screenwriters, actors and directors, including arranges for Swedish actors and screenwriters to visit […]