Eliason Merit Award 2018

On Wednesday October 3, 2018, Zlatan Ibrahimović showed his sincere gratitude for his Eliason Merit Award by posting his EMA 2018 Statue and Honorary Membership received from SACC-LA on his Instagram here!
Zlatan also celebrated his birthday on October 3, which made the day even more special. SACC-LA sends our warmest belated birthday wishes to the Swedish soccer superstar!
Congratulate Zlatan Ibrahimović for his 2018 EMA by sending a comment on his Instagram post here!
The 2018 Eliason Merit Award statue was, once again, crafted by the fantastic Orrefors. Since 1898, Orrefors has produced art and crystal glass of finest quality. The defining characteristics of Orrefors products are timeless Scandinavian elegance, innovative design and genuine craftsmanship. SACC-LA is honored to have had Orrefors design the EMA 2018 statue for Zlatan Ibrahimović!

SACC-LA President Gudrun Giddings and EMA 2018 winner Zlatan Ibrahimović – Photo: SACC-LA

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