The Swedish Affär

The Swedish Affär is an annual event that is all about celebrating creativity and innovation. The event concept was developed for Swedish companies and talent in the forefront of innovation and creativity, mainly because of the apparent potential these industries have in Los Angeles and Hollywood due to already huge success. The purpose is to highlight these companies and individual talent in the U.S. market, create meetings between relevant parties and business opportunities that will increase the trade between Sweden and the U.S.
The idea of The Swedish Affär concept is to create a meeting place in a laid-back atmosphere where one is allowed to practice the art of being. A place to hang out, talk to new and old friends, network and meet new business partners, listen to brilliant speakers and artists and then sit down next to them and continue the conversation, while enjoying Swedish hospitality, food and drinks.

The Swedish Affär event takes place right before the international gaming expo E3 in Los Angeles. The first year, it was held at the fashionable Lloyd Wright-designed Sowden House in Los Feliz. The second year it was held at the amazing Rockstar Mansion in Hollywood Hills. The Swedish Affär attracts over 800 guests: among them prominent Swedish and American companies and talent within film, television, games, music, fashion and advertising industries, along with investors and Hollywood agents.
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, the Swedish Games Industry and Media Evolution organized the event together with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Embassy, the Swedish trade organizations for games, music, fashion, film, television and communication/advertising and private companies.

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