Making it in America #6 – what a success!

Our Making it in America seminar was a huge success!  We had SACC-LA’s Co-President Kim H. Swartz, Entertainment Attorney at MS&K, moderate the seminar.  He started by introducing his colleagues Howard Shapiro and Susan Kohn Ross, both Partners at MS&K.  Howard talked about all the different visa categories and explained which ones are more preferable than others and who should apply for certain visas.  Susan focused more on explaining international trade issues between for instance the U.S. and Scandinavia and other countries.  Howard was keen on explaining that if something sounds too good to be true or too easy, it most definitely has been tried before and probably does not work.  Susan on the other hand emphasized the importance of conducting due diligence on international business partners.
The audience was eager to get all of their questions answered and Howard, Susan and Kim managed to answered all of them.  It was a successful seminar and the audience left with much more knowledge about how to apply for the right visa and how to be able to stay in America.  Several of the 60 persons that attended kept the discussions going even after the seminar was finished.