Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Robbin Havasi, CEO of Stop Digging LA!

Two of Stop Digging LA’s projects. Solar panels (left) & sauna (right).Photo Courtesy: Stop Digging LA via Facebook (left), Stop Digging LA via Instagram (right). Our innovative SACC-LA member, Stop Digging Los Angeles, helps its customers with a smart, simple and sustainable solution when building solid foundations. Instead of digging when […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Founders of UN’SWEET, Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund!

The Un’sweet Team. From left, Co-founder & Creative Director Malin Eklund, Ambassador & Co-owner Tracy Tutor and Co-founder & CEO Lisa Agerman.Photo Courtesy: Sebastian Kriz. SACC-LA are thrilled to announce our new glorious members Un’sweet, founded by PR pros Malin Eklund and SACC-LA Board Member Lisa Agerman! Along with the entrepreneur and real estate agent […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with YOUBE’s Jenny Berglund Castro!

Founders of YOUBE. From left, Co-CEO Jenny Berglund Castro, CTO Babak Kheshti and Co-CEO Stephan Agerman.Photo Courtesy: Eugene Kim. Conveniently located in West Adams, you will find our brilliant member YOUBE’s drop-in-co-work space, a flexible office solution founded by Jenny Berglund Castro, Babak Kheshti and Stephan Agerman. YOUBE provides you with all the essentials such as desks, […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Church of Sweden LA!

Church of Sweden LA’s Viveca Bratt (left photo) & Church of Sweden LA’s Easter Service in 2019 (right photo). Photo Courtesy: @svenskakyrkanlosangeles via Instagram.  Our amazing SACC-LA member the Church of Sweden LA works towards creating a community within the church that strives to unite people and make people feel less […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Expert DOJO’s Sophie Angner!

Sophie Angner Head of Operations at Expert DOJO, Co-Founder& CEO of Oracle’s Club, Former Marketing Manager at SACC-LA Sophie Angner.Photo Courtesy: Emma Bahrton. Sophie Angner has a background in startup investment and is currently operating Expert Dojo, that is the third biggest startup accelerator in California, after Ycombinator and Techstars. Based in Santa […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with one of the Owners of Bulle Bakery!

This week’s exclusive SACC-LA interview is with one of the owners of the amazing bakery Bulle Bakery – Sarah Reich. Bulle Bakery specializes in Swedish delicacy sweet buns, baking them the traditional way and with high-quality ingredients. Bulle Bakery’s mission is to give the Bulle its rightful place as an international pastry outside of […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Eskay Label

SACC-LA’s Marketing Managers had the pleasure to e-meet the amazing and charming mother-daughter duo Susanne and Hanna behind Eskay Label. Hanna and Susanne are dedicated to creating high-quality, timeless, heirloom knits inspired by Susanne’s previous designs from her store Suss Design. All of their pieces are hand-embroiled, hand-dyed, and hand-loomed […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Daniel Hellsten CEO of Westridge Audio

Daniel Hellsten is a creative director, content creator, and production designer in the entertainment industry. Daniel is also the CEO of SACC-LA member Westridge Audio and co-founder of the event agency Event Group. With over 20 years of experience Daniel has become well recognized and respected in the world of […]