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Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with President of Pixi Beauty, Felix Strand

Felix Strand is the President of successful SACC-LA member Pixi Beauty, an international family-owned beauty brand that has global recognition and influence. His mother Petra Strand founded Pixi Beauty over 20 years ago, and Felix, with a clear vision for the company, moved quickly up the ranks becoming President in […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with SAS’s Jasmin Utter

With 35 years of experience working for Scandinavian Airlines, Jasmin Utter has recently taken on the impressive role as General Manager Region Americas. Ms.Utter left her home in Sweden and headed overseas for a new adventure in the U.S. We are eager to learn more about this amazing woman and […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Emil Abedian Co-founder of Abedian & Totlian

Amazing SACC-LA Board Member and CFO Emil Adedian is the co-founder and CEO of Abedian & Totlian, an accountancy corporation, specializing in accounting, tax, and business-consulting services for small and mid-size businesses in service-based industries. With a blend of technology and expertise, Abedian & Totlian liberates their clients from the minutiae of back-office management […]