Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Joakim Nissbrandt, Marketing Director at LGND Inc!

Photo Courtesy: LGND via their website. Our incredible SACC-LA Member LGND believes in maintaining energy and boosting performance by consuming healthy. Their LGND drink therefore contains exclusively natural substances, including ginger, green tea, prebiotic and nootropic components, keeping your energy at a stable level. SACC-LA’s Marketing Managers had the opportunity to interview LGND’s awesome Marketing Director, […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Robbin Havasi, CEO of Stop Digging LA!

Two of Stop Digging LA’s projects. Solar panels (left) & sauna (right).Photo Courtesy: Stop Digging LA via Facebook (left), Stop Digging LA via Instagram (right). Our innovative SACC-LA member, Stop Digging Los Angeles, helps its customers with a smart, simple and sustainable solution when building solid foundations. Instead of digging when […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Founders of UN’SWEET, Lisa Agerman and Malin Eklund!

The Un’sweet Team. From left, Co-founder & Creative Director Malin Eklund, Ambassador & Co-owner Tracy Tutor and Co-founder & CEO Lisa Agerman.Photo Courtesy: Sebastian Kriz. SACC-LA are thrilled to announce our new glorious members Un’sweet, founded by PR pros Malin Eklund and SACC-LA Board Member Lisa Agerman! Along with the entrepreneur and real estate agent […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with YOUBE’s Jenny Berglund Castro!

Founders of YOUBE. From left, Co-CEO Jenny Berglund Castro, CTO Babak Kheshti and Co-CEO Stephan Agerman.Photo Courtesy: Eugene Kim. Conveniently located in West Adams, you will find our brilliant member YOUBE’s drop-in-co-work space, a flexible office solution founded by Jenny Berglund Castro, Babak Kheshti and Stephan Agerman. YOUBE provides you with all the essentials such as desks, […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Church of Sweden LA!

Church of Sweden LA’s Viveca Bratt (left photo) & Church of Sweden LA’s Easter Service in 2019 (right photo). Photo Courtesy: @svenskakyrkanlosangeles via Instagram.  Our amazing SACC-LA member the Church of Sweden LA works towards creating a community within the church that strives to unite people and make people feel less […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Expert DOJO’s Sophie Angner!

Sophie Angner Head of Operations at Expert DOJO, Co-Founder& CEO of Oracle’s Club, Former Marketing Manager at SACC-LA Sophie Angner.Photo Courtesy: Emma Bahrton. Sophie Angner has a background in startup investment and is currently operating Expert Dojo, that is the third biggest startup accelerator in California, after Ycombinator and Techstars. Based in Santa […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with one of the Owners of Bulle Bakery!

This week’s exclusive SACC-LA interview is with one of the owners of the amazing bakery Bulle Bakery – Sarah Reich. Bulle Bakery specializes in Swedish delicacy sweet buns, baking them the traditional way and with high-quality ingredients. Bulle Bakery’s mission is to give the Bulle its rightful place as an international pastry outside of […]

Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Eskay Label

SACC-LA’s Marketing Managers had the pleasure to e-meet the amazing and charming mother-daughter duo Susanne and Hanna behind Eskay Label. Hanna and Susanne are dedicated to creating high-quality, timeless, heirloom knits inspired by Susanne’s previous designs from her store Suss Design. All of their pieces are hand-embroiled, hand-dyed, and hand-loomed […]