Internships at SACC-LA

The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles (SACC-LA) is looking for two self-motivated and driven Marketing Manager Interns focused on different key areas. This is a 6 month internship beginning in January 2022. The application opens in October and the application deadline is Monday, November 15th. The recruitment process is continuous.

SACC-LA is the #1 preferred network in Los Angeles, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. Our mission is to create an effective network that enables innovative and creative exchange and enhance business opportunities between Swedish and American companies and individual talents in the Los Angeles area. For us it is equally important to build strong relations with our members, as it is to actively search for new members that can expand and add value to our network.

As a Marketing Manager Intern at SACC-LA, you will collaborate closely with the Board of Directors, who are all well-established within creative and innovative industries and knows how to navigate in LA. This internship gives a unique opportunity to build an extensive network, engage in managerial work and perform strategically important tasks while partaking in effective teamwork. In your role you will have responsibilities vital for the daily operations. Read more about the different roles available below.

Apply by sending you CV and Cover Letter to or click the button below.

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PR & Communication Marketing Manager Internship

  • Newsletter: Editor for SACC-LA’s weekly newsletter Finally Friday with around 4,000 subscribers. Includes responsibility for designing the outline, deciding topics and visual presentations, writing articles, delegate workload to the other team members, as well as proof-reading.
  • Social Media: Create a social media strategy and content for SACC-LA’s social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Vimeo).
  • Overall Communication: Making sure that all external communication is in line with SACC-LA’s communication strategy and graphical guidelines.
  • Website: Responsible web editor, updating and managing the SACC-LA website.
  • Events: Support the team in creating and carrying out events together with SACC-LA members, partners and sponsors.
  • Membership Maintenance and Recruitment: Keep a close relationship and serve SACC-LA’s existing members, as well as continuously extend the network by recruiting new members.

Finance & Membership Success Marketing Manager Internship

  • Accounting and Treasury: Handle the accounting (using Quickbooks) of SACC-LA, including events, membership dues, sponsor dues etc. Please observe, accounting will be carried out in English, following the US-based accounting system.
  • Financial Duties: Invoicing membership dues and following up on late payments. Handle bank accounts, debit cards and checkbook, along with administrative duties. Also, together with the event coordinator create budgets for SACC-LA’s events to ensure profitability.
  • Report: Collaborate with the CFO to ensure a long-term financial strategy for SACC-LA. Prepare reports of current balance and other finance related information for board meetings.
  • Membership Maintenance and Recruitment: Keep a close relationship and serve SACC-LA’s existing members, as well as continuously extend the network by recruiting new members. Keep membership database updated and manage CRM system.
  • Sponsorship: Handle and build long-term sponsorship efforts with potential sponsors and negotiate sponsorship deals. Be responsible for monitoring and making sure sponsorship deals are followed through.
  • Newsletter: Write short articles for SACC-LA’s weekly newsletter, with a focus on highlighting members. Also, do proof-reading of articles together with the rest of the team.
  • Events: Support the team in creating and carrying out events together with SACC-LA members, partners and sponsors.