Zlatan Ibrahimović, soccer legend and EMA winner 2018

“It’s a great honor to come from Sweden and represent Sweden all over the world, with this (award) means that I’m doing something good. So thank you very much, I am very honored and I hope that I can continue carrying the Swedish flag all over the world and conquer … Thank you very much! I’m glad to be Swedish.”

Magnus Lygdback, Hollywood personal trainer and EMA winner 2019

“It’s truly an honor to receive the Eliason Merit Award 2019. In a time when physical and mental health, good nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle feel more vital than ever, I’m humbled and grateful. In my experience, the value of dreaming big and working hard cannot be overstated, and I hope to serve as an inspiration to other Swedes to venture out and do just that.”


Anine Bing, fashion icon and EMA Winner 2016

“It was such an amazing night and I feel so honored to have received this award. Thank you SACC-LA for creating such a beautiful event – it will be a memory I’ll cherish forever.”

Timbuktu, Artist

“We had an amazing time at the Eliason Merit Awards. It was a true blessing for us to be able to come back and perform in Los Angeles and it was especially great to be there on an evening honoring my friend Joel Kinnaman”

Rebecca & Fiona, Swedish Grammy-award winning duo

“Celebrating successful Swedes in LA? We love that, especially when a DJ is getting the award. We had lots of fun at the W, such a perfect venue for this kind of event. Go Sweden!”


Steve Angello, DJ and EMA Winner 2013

“I am very grateful, mostly because my SIZE Foundation was mentioned and is one of the motivations and I am very happy for that. It is a very nice event, great to see all the Swedes here, many artists, many designers and others.”

Amanda Nordelius, Band Member Riot Child

“It was a great honor playing at such a beautifully arranged event, with so many Swedish and American talents participating and having so much fun!”


Eric Prydz, Swedish DJ and Producer

@SACCLA thank you. We had a great time!”

Isabel Adrian, Actor, Writer & Creative Producer

“Yesterday’s event was out of the ordinary, many familiar faces and a lot of fun. A night of fun, friends and deliciousness“

Andrew Kimmel, Producer for ABC

“This was my first time attending the Eliason Merit Awards and it was just superb! The entire evening was filled with wonderful surprises… great music, delicious drinks and a fun, engaging crowd. I give much credit to the SACC for putting on such a memorable evening!”

MRTN, Swedish DJ

“It was truly amazing to be part of the SACC LA Eliason Merit Awards 2013 at W Hollywood Rooftop. Great event, Great crowd and a great venue with a spectacular view of the LA skyline. I had a great time DJ’ing and a superb night overall!”

Kool Kojak, multi-platinum songwriter, producer, film director and artist

“It is fantastic to be around the Swedish community here in L.A. … a vast array of talented and interesting characters. I am proud to have been a part of supporting the Swedish Chamber of Commerce!….”

Linus Adolfsson, SACC-LA member & Founder of The Sleep Spa at Hästens

Thank you very much! It was so much fun to be part of this Webinar. Gudrun, excellent job with moderating and Magnus & Michaela were also great. It was a pleasure.”

-In reference of the SACC-LA Webinar Scandimerican Inspiration

Robert Winston, SACC-LA member & Founder of Winston Pictures

“Excellent Webinar!! Loved it, thank you for discussing all the great topics. So wonderful to bridge the scandimerican relations!!

-In reference of the SACC-LA Webinar Scandimerican Inspiration

SACC-LA Marketing Managers 2023 – Ella Appelholm, Sara Asperheim & Sanna Fredholm

SACC- LA Marketing Managers 2020, William Byagard, Klara Dunehav & Klara Nygren (pictured left to right)


These past six months have been a blast for me! I feel honored to have had the opportunity to kickstart my career with such an amazing community, boss and colleagues. When I get back to Sweden, I look forward to showing my home country to my American girlfriend, eat some freshly caught fish and make the most of the short but oh so beautiful Swedish summer. – William Byagard

I have had the best experience here at SACC-LA where I feel I have developed as a person, both professionally and personally, and I am so thankful for my amazing colleagues, the board and all of our amazing members. I can’t wait to get back to Los Angeles for their future events and to meet everyone again! I am going to stay in Los Angeles over the summer, to then go back to Lund University to start my MSc in International Marketing and Brand Management which I am very much looking forward to. But I will meet you all (in real life) again! – Klara Dunehav

A big thank you to the SACC-LA board and network for 6 amazing months! It was with great enthusiasm I accepted the role as PR & Communication Marketing Manager and I am still very grateful for this opportunity. I have learnt a lot, both professionally but also personally from my time at the chamber. Thanks to the most incredible team possible, Klara D and William, for these months together as colleagues but also for the lifetime friendship we will continue having. I will enjoy the Swedish summer in the Northern archipelago and look forward to mastering my masters degree this upcoming semester, see you soon again LA!  – Klara Nygren