Writer From The Heart

I am a freelance writer who is looking to hire part-time employees on a consultation basis to help me with my web site, take photos and film videos. I am also looking for a translator. My name is Kristina Hall, and my company is called Writer From the Heart. I am looking for likeminded people who work with a passion from their hearts.

Web Master

I am looking for someone who can update, and maintaining my existing web site: www.writerfromtheheart.com.

I am searching for someone who is technically proficient, trustworthy and has an artistic vision. You can work from your own office. I will pay a monthly fee for maintenance and updates, plus additional fees for larger projects if they arise that we both agree on.


I am also looking for someone who periodically can take professional photos for my web site, and someone who has the talent and knowledge to do a video shoot of one of my poems every other month. Please look at my web site, www.writerfromtheheart.com, for an example of an existing video for a poem. I am searching for someone who is creative, professional and is able to think outside the box. We will agree upon a budget for each assignment.


I am hoping to find a professional translator who can translate my Swedish book, the biography, “Två själar – samma tanke”, into English. Please see my website, www.writerfromtheheart.com, for more information about the book. We will agree on the fee when we talk about the project. I am looking for someone who is proficient in both Swedish and English and can translate the fine nuances that will bring the book to life.

If you are interested, please contact me at:
E-mail: kristinahall@ymail.com
Phone: +1-847-525-2590
Last day for applications is August 22.
I am looking forward to some new exciting collaborations!