Sophie Angner, Events

Sophie is a former collegiate athlete from Vanguard University in Newport Beach. In 2014 she won the Championship of California, playing for Vanguard’s tennis team. Once Sophie’s internship has concluded, she will return back to Sweden in order to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship. Before getting interested into Entrepreneurship, she studied Art for two years at Stockholm’s Art School, and Theatre Arts for one semester in Santa Barbara.
Sophie was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. When she was 21, she started her own event-planning firm, in which she arranged events for hotels, restaurants and various companies in Stockholm.
Thanks to the numerous courses, she has gained experience in project management, teamwork and intercultural management. Sophie is looking forward to show her full potential and to utilize her skills at the Chamber.
She perceives this internship opportunity as a significant advancement in her career.
You can contact her at: or call: +1 (310) 622-3617