Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with SAS’s Jasmin Utter

Photo Courtesy: Scandinavian Airlines’ website.

With 35 years of experience working for Scandinavian Airlines, Jasmin Utter has recently taken on the impressive role as General Manager Region Americas. Ms.Utter left her home in Sweden and headed overseas for a new adventure in the U.S. We are eager to learn more about this amazing woman and her loyal commitment to SAS! 

A SACC-LA Exclusive Interview with Jasmin Utter

1. You have worked for SAS since 1986, what makes Scandinavian Airlines such a great employer?  The people and the culture. There is just something about the people who work in an airline that is quite unique. Also, it’s an international environment that I really enjoy with different countries and cultures.

2. How did you start your career with SAS? During the last semester in school, I had the opportunity of working one week for SAS to gain some work experience. On the last day, I was asked if I wanted to work for SAS permanently and I said yes. A decision I have never regretted.

3. What is one of your favorite things that makes you proud to work for SAS? The brand, the product, and the people.

4. What do you love most about your job at SAS? You never know what’s in store for the day when you start work in the morning. I get to deal with all manner of issues on a daily basis while making sure we deliver on our promise to our customers and staying true to our core values as a company.

5. When it is safe to travel again, what destination will be the first one you fly to?
Anywhere is fine really. I just want to fly again.

6. Now that you are living in the U.S., what do you miss most about Sweden?   I haven’t been away that long yet for me to miss anything, and almost everything is readily available in the US. If I’m forced to chose I’d say decent bread and cheese.

7. How do you keep yourself entertained during a long flight? I tend to spend quite a bit of time on working but also enjoying the service onboard and speaking with the crew. And catching up on some movies if there is time.

8. What three items do you always bring on a flight? Laptop, iPad, and my phone.

9. Do you have a favorite place that you usually visit when you are in LA?   I would say, Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.

Five Fast Ones

Citylife or Countryside

Book or Podcast

Beach resort or Ski resort

Swedish Meatballs or American Hamburgers
(It’s a tie)

Window Seat or Aisle Seat

Jasmin Utter

Photo Courtesy: Jasmin Utter