Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Swedish Influencer Alice Stenlöf

 Swedish Influencer Alice Stenlöf. 
Photo courtesy: Alice Stenlöf.

 Please enjoy SACC-LA’s exclusive interview with the Swedish influencer Alice Stenlöf. Since 2015, Stenlöf has been blogging about fashion, beauty, and her everyday life via various social media platforms. Her YouTube channel has over 28,7 million views, her Instagram channel has 380,000 followers and she has also hosted one of Sweden’s most popular podcasts together with Bianca Ingrosso, who also is a Swedish influencer.

A SACC-LA Exclusive Interview with Alice Stenlöf

1. When did you start your career as an influencer and why did you decide that you wanted to pursue this specific career? 

I started my career as an influencer when I decided to start my blog after graduating from school. At first my intention was to mainly share my thoughts and pictures that I posted with friends and family, but during the three months I was away I gathered a following that kept on growing. I’ve always loved to put down my thoughts into words, almost as therapy. And photography has always been a passion of mine. 

2. What is your favorite thing about your job as an influencer?

 My favorite part of my job is that no day is the other alike. It is constantly evolving and there are literally no limits to where my career can go. I meet so many amazing inspiring people and I learn new things everyday. I love the feeling of evolving both privately and in my career. 

3. What is important to consider before pursuing a career as an influencer? Any tips for anyone who might also want to pursue this career path? 

You have to be aware that people are always going to have something to say about what you do and don’t. Just believe in yourself and be fearless in being the authentic you. Find something that is true to you and genuinely of interests to you. Also, social media takes a lot of work, which is something that some might never understand or see. 

4. What is your dream collaboration? 

For me it is important to achieve my set dreams and goals. One of them right now is that A-design will reach an international audience. So a dream collaboration would be with an international e-com company or a bold and inclusive fashion brand.

5. As an influencer, you have had collaborations with brands and companies and now also your own A-DSGN label that has just launched. What was your inspiration behind creating your own brand?

I’ve always dreamed about creating my own brand. With A-DSGN I wanted to create something that I personally would love to wear. I wanted to offer a wide range of sizes so that as many people as possible can rock the different styles. A-dsgn offers xxs-xxxl. I was inspired by the perfect basics with that extra detail that makes the design unique. Something you can wear to a party as well as a meeting. It is really a dream come true for me and I am so excited to finally be able to share the brand with everyone!!! I put my soul into this brand and I am so grateful for the amazing support everyone has shown since we launched. I am living my dream!

6. Have you ever visited Los Angeles? If yes, what were some of your favorite places in LA? If no, what are some things you would like to see and experience when you do visit LA?

I’ve been to LA and I love it! It’s hard to pick favorites but one thing I don’t love is the horrible traffic, that’s for sure haha. I’d love to stay in LA just to experience the lifestyle. My favorite youtubers live in LA, so I have to hang out with David Dobrik of course 😉

7. What is coming up next for you? Any sneak peaks of fun collaborations or other exciting things?

I am working very hard on my own brand and new designs. But I can also reveal to you that during the autumn I will release my second jewelry collection for Guldfynd, which is super exciting. In January I am planning on taking a little break from Stockholm to go surf in Costa Rica for a couple of months – to gather new inspiration and take in this very special year.

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Alice Stenlöf, Swedish Influencer.
Photo courtesy: Alice Stenlöf.

Alice Stenlöf’s A-DSGN Label

Photo courtesy: Elle Johnson.
Photo courtesy: Elle Johnson.