Eliason Merit Award 2017

The Swedish top cinematographer and 2017 Oscar winner, Mr. Linus Sandgren received the prestigious Eliason Merit Award (EMA) in Los Angeles, CA, on November 11th, 2017. He received the award for his ability to successfully raise Sweden’s profile within the arts and the entertainment industry and for his significant contributions in strengthening Swedish-American relations during his successful career.

EMA this year celebrated its 30-year anniversary and the celebrations took place at a private mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. It was a fantastic evening and we at SACC-LA were honored to celebrate this evening with all the guests!

Linus Sandgren – 2017 Eliason Merit Award Winner and Gudrun Giddings President/Chair of SACC-LA
Photo credit: Picture to the left – Kerstin Alm. Picture to the right – Mats Holmberg

The popular Swedish duo Smith & Thell performed – Photo: Gustav Klinton

Jonas Tåhlin – CEO of Abosolut Elyx with his wife and SACC-LA Board Member Janina Boss Tåhlin – Photo: Gustav Klinton

Per Hallberg – 2011 EMA winner, Margaretha Laseen, and Maud Adams – 2003 EMA Winner – Photo: Gustav Klinton

SACC-LA Board Members Amir Maki, Emil Abedian and Daniel Wagner – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

Caroline Strömberg – Marketing Manager SACC-LA, Fredrik Bond and SACC-LA Board Members
Jennings Segura, Janina Boss Tåhlin and Sara Ekman – 
Photo: Mats Holmberg

SACC-LA Board Member Fredrik Löving, and Maud Adams – Photo: Mats Holmberg

Gudrun Giddings – President/Chair of SACC-LA, Linus Sandgren – 2017 EMA winner,
John Heilman – Mayor of the City of West Hollywood – 
Photo: Gustav Klinton

SACC-LA Board Member Assia Grazioli Venier and her mother – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

Jennie Hammar and Cecilia Rimér Sandgren with guests – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

Karin and Henrik Bastin – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

SACC-LA Board Member Jennings Segura with his wife and guest – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

Gudrun Giddings – President/Chair of SACC-LA, Linus Sandgren – 2017 EMA winner and his wife Cecilia Rimér Sandgren
Photo: Mats Holmberg

Guests at the EMA 2017 – Photo: Mats Holmberg

SACC-LA member Ronnie Bergh from Daniel Wellington with guests – Photo: Caroline Strömberg

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Eliason Merit Award 2017 from SACC-LA on Youtube.

Video Credit: Cinemantrix