Max Westling, Finance & Membership Management

Max Westling grew up in Malmö, Sweden and fresh out of high school he decided to pursue a career as an industrial engineer. After studying at Lund University for close to five years he is now set to complete his MSc. this coming fall, majoring in finance and risk management. He has manifested his burning interest in traveling and culture by working his way around Australia for six months in 2010 and participating in an exchange semester at the technological institute UPC in Barcelona, Spain in 2012. He is thus arriving to SACC-LA with some great international experiences in the trunk.
At SACC-LA Max is prepared to dive deep into new projects that will hopefully sustain the growth and simplify the day-to-day work of the chamber. He expects to learn a lot about the American business culture as well as gain some valuable field experience that will aid him in his future career.
Max will be responsible for finance and membership management at the chamber and you can contact him at or 424-270-3042.