Matilda Dickman, Event

Matilda was born and raised in Stockholm, where she studied a BSc in Business and Economics at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).  During her studies, she worked part-time in banking and after graduating she continued within the banking industry in London and Stockholm.  However, quite soon she realized that it was not truly what she wanted to do.
With a burning interest for the media industry, she went to New York and Los Angeles to study film productions, before returning to SSE for a Master’s degree. Besides studying and working, she has also taken the time to travel the world, backpacking through India, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Cambodia, to name a few.
As a Marketing Manager at SACC-LA, Matilda will be in charge of event planning. During the spring, she wants to keep developing the events into unforgettable experiences for our members and guests.  She also wants to keep creating useful partnerships and collaborations for former and new sponsors.  Additionally, she hopes to meet many inspiring people and to learn more about the entertainment industry.
You can contact her at: (310) 622-3617