Johan Ernst Nilson – Motivational Lecture followed by a Business Mixer


On Wednesday April 16th, our members and friends had the luxury of listening to one of the world’s most extreme explorers, Johan Ernst Nilson, who gave us valuable inspiration to make the impossible possible.

In a fully seated seminar room at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, the guests enjoyed exciting stories about Johan’s amazing adventures, from climbing Mount Everest (or as Johan called it, Mount Never Rest) to trekking across Alaska. During the stories Johan gave the audience many good tips on how to motivate themselves and why they should follow their dreams and never give up.
In the end of the lecture Johan told us about his most extreme journey, when he combined some of the toughest expeditions he had done so far. This time his mission was to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole. Yes, you read it right! During 525 days Johan skied across the North Pole, biked through North and South America and kite surfed over Antarctica. After the lecture SACC-LA held a successful Business Mixer at the Sofitel outdoor patio. Here our members and guests could connect and exchange ideas on how to make the impossible possible! SACC-LA would like to give an extra thank you to our fantastic sponsors CleanTech RegionMighty Sport & Enterprise Holdings.

IMG_7978_edited (0;00;00;00)A fully seated seminar room at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

IMG_8038_edited (0;00;00;00)Johan Ernst Nilson together with enthusiastic guests at the Business Mixer.

IMG_8045_editede575787b9019Lars Ling, CleanTech Region, together with Anna Kolber, Board Member of SACC-LA.

IMG_8022_edited48304dCleanTech Region interviewed Johan Ernst Nilson after the lecture

IMG_7954_edited51201f2e58c2Mighty Sport handed out their energy drink to all visitors.

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