Team Sweden in L.A. Becomes a TV-Series

The interest for the Special Olympics is growing for every day!

SACC-LA announced earlier this year that we will be partnering up with Team Sweden during the Special Olympics in Los Angeles that takes place in July. The Special Olympics is the biggest sporting event of the year worldwide, which we at SACC-LA find amazing to be a part of! We are working a lot on our kick-off party for the team and can’t wait to meet everyone.

And now even more great news has come! One of Sweden’s largest TV-networks, TV4, have informed the public through a press release that they are following Team Sweden before, during and after the competitions in Los Angeles with a crew, completing a reality show which will be shown this fall. The name of the six episode-long series will be “Heja Sverige” (translation: “Go Sweden”) and has already started shooting and will follow the team in all the pre-stages, all the way to Los Angeles for the Special Olympics World Games and back home to Sweden.