Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Troy Berry from the Petit Ermitage Hotel! ☀️

The beautiful entrance of The Petit Ermitage Hotel, covered in lush greenery.
Photo Courtesy: Petit Ermitage.

 On a quiet side-street between the Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards, you will find our amazing member, The Petit Ermitage Hotel. Inside the hotel building from 1979, now covered in beautiful greenery, you will find an impressive art collection that includes originals by Miró, De Kooning, Rauschenberg, Dali, and more. Guests from all over the world appreciate and enjoy the hotel’s unique and antique vibe. Learn more from Petit Ermitages’ own Troy Berry, the hotel’s stellar director of sales and marketing, in our exclusive interview below! 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to work at Petit Ermitage? 
I have 20 plus years of experience in hospitality and had contemplated taking a break from the industry. But when an opportunity arose to work at Petit, I couldn’t pass up working at what I consider to be the crown jewel of luxury properties in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area.

What do you like most about your job?
Petit Ermitage doesn’t feel like a job – it feels like family.

What is the story behind Petit Ermitage and what inspired its unique style?
A spirit of bohemian culture and hedonism is the cornerstone of the brand and its eclectic furnishings. Every space echoes the unconventionalism and adventurousness of our guests and like-minded patrons.

In your opinion, what is the best area to hang out at the Petit Ermitage?
The rooftop hummingbird and butterfly sanctuary are stunning both by day and by night. But anywhere I can interact with our guests is also a great area. We have some truly intriguing personalities staying with us.

If you were to spend a night at the hotel, what room would you choose?
I briefly lived in the hotel on the first floor at the end of the hallway – so that that room will always hold special memories for me!

Do you have any insider tips for guests? 
Spot the Dali!

Do you have a memory that stands out since you started working at Petit Ermitage? 
The love affair that the international traveler has with Petit Ermitage is unrivaled in West Hollywood. Whenever I travel abroad and tell people I am with Petit, the hotel’s popularity never ceases to amaze me. I am a small part of something special at Petit Ermitage and I will never take that for granted.

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The cozy rooftop at the Petit Ermitage.
Photo Courtesy: Petit Ermitage.

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