Exclusive SACC-LA Interview with Troy Berry from the Petit Ermitage Hotel! ☀️

The beautiful entrance of The Petit Ermitage Hotel, covered in lush greenery.Photo Courtesy: Petit Ermitage.  On a quiet side-street between the Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards, you will find our amazing member, The Petit Ermitage Hotel. Inside the hotel building from 1979, now covered in beautiful greenery, you will find an impressive art collection that […]

Exclusive interview with Mats Ekelund – Senior Advisor at Strateco Development AB

On Thursday we made our way down to the 2014 Natural Gas Vehicle Industry (NGV) Global Conference which was co-located with Alternative Clean Transportation Expo at the Long Beach Convention Center. It’s an biannual event that brings together natural gas and bio gas vehicle experts and companies from all over the world. […]

Exclusive interview with Movits!

“It was damn near impossible to find a good band name so we chose Movits!” – Johan Rensfeldt, singer of the band.  There were no greater thoughts behind Movits! choice of name (besides a vague connection with the Swedish legendary poet Bellman’s character Father Movitz) but today the name is […]

Exclusive Interview with Markus Manninen

Markus Manninen – the animation genius behind the international successes Kung Fu Panda and The Croods. On a sunny February afternoon we made our way into the Dreamworks studio in Glendale, California. As soon as we reached the gate we noticed that this place is just out of the ordinary. […]

Kerstin Alm – Photographer

With a wonderful sense of humor and a tremendous love for photography Kerstin Alm has captured the events in the Swedish community in LA for almost five decades.  We are very grateful for her dedicated work and would like to share some of her photos with all of you. Kerstin […]

Staffan Eklund – The Pastor of the Church of Sweden in Los Angeles

Staffan Eklund, The Pastor of the Church of Sweden in Los Angeles, Paula Thelin, Head of Communications SACC-LA On Sunday December 15th I met with Staffan Eklund, the new Pastor of the Church of Sweden in LA. We talked about having the courage to leave the old behind and face new […]