Speaker Boot Camp with TED Speaker and Executive Communications Coach


John Bates, TED Speaker and Executive Communications Coach

“You’re not speaking for yourself, you are serving the audience!”

SACC-LA organized Speaker Boot Camp with TED Speaker and Executive Communications Coach John Bates on Tuesday, April 9th.  SACC-LA couldn’t have been more pleased with the event!  Several members and non-members were calling us last minute wanting a seat and we managed to squeeze everyone in.  We have to thank all of you for attending and being such an engaging audience when John interacted with you.  

We are going to remember several important lessons from this Speaker Boot Camp, one being that “you have to be your own funny.”  By that, John means, don’t try to make up jokes that you aren’t comfortable with.  Some other great tips from John were to speak slowly because it increases your credibility, practice your speech by talking to a wall and pretend that the wall is your audience and also practice at being good at receiving compliments. 
After John was done with his Speaker Boot Camp, he asked if some attendees wanted to present a story or pitch their company in 3 minutes and get a few minutes of feedback from him.  Our two members Aura Imbarus and Catarina Hayd were brave to take the stage leaving the audience laughing and applauding with their storytelling.  The audience stayed for a long time after John Bates was done, mingling with the SACC-LA network and making new friends whilst enjoying some refreshments.


The event took place at Satellite in Santa Monica and it was completely sold out.


“Thank´s for an inspiring evening, combining how to make your best speech ever (taught by John Bates) and meeting Swedish-Americans in Los Angeles. Great initiative for a first class event managed by SACC-LA. I will definitely come again!” – Carl-Petter Eriksson, Head of Sales & Marketing Corporate and Actor

“Gregory Berns’ statement: “The human brain not only looks for the unexpected but actually craves the unexpected,” could not be more valid when talking about John Bates’ Speaker Boot Camp.  From dos and don’ts to hands-on experience, from modeling the right techniques and positively analyzing the ready-to-be improved ones, John delivered over and over again throughout the workshop. Sprinkled with jokes and not-to-be missed points of interest, the Boot Camp was a unique, powerful experience. Congrats to the organizers and kudos to John for a rocking awesome, inspiring night!” – Aura Imbarus, PhD, Motivational Speaker, Life and Goals Coach, Author of Pulitzer Prize memoir entry memoir “Out of the Transylvania Night,” and creator of SEE Beyond Project

“I had a great time on Tuesday at the Speaker Boot Camp with John Bates. The tips he gave on the subject of public speaking can be applied to all kinds of situations and not exclusively to corporate meetings or official speeches. As a film composer I often get a job from a chance meeting with a filmmaker, usually a director or producer, and it is important for me to be able to quickly present myself in a manner that builds respect and confidence. Bates gave valuable insight on how to be more aware of such things as your body language and tone of voice during these first impressions. He also gave advice on how to prepare so that the subject you are talking about is delivered more effectively and will be more interesting to your listener. I’m sure I’ll be using his tips in the future.” – Henrik Åström, Composer, A-Stream Productions

“My experience at the speaker boot camp was extremely informative and fun. The SACC-LA is an amazing organization that truly cares about it’s community, and with each event I go to they seemingly outdo themselves. I can’t wait for the next event.” – Benjamin Scott, Beneficial Entertainment


Event Chair for Speaker Boot Camp with TED Speaker
and Executive Communications Coach John Bates:

Marissa Joven, SACC-LA Cultural Exchange Coordinator

and Amir Maki, SACC-LA Board Member and Energy Consultant REC-Solar

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