Inspirational YP Business Mixer in Santa Monica

SACC-LA’s Young Professionals gathered for an inspirational evening with actress Liisa Evastina at Bar Chloe in Santa Monica on October 16th.  Many of the Young Professionals that turned up were also actors and actresses and Liisa shared some useful experiences from her acting career in LA.  Liisa also talked about the importance of networking and presenting your self in the right way.  “Small talk is a skill that needs practice” Liisa said and she shared some of her most useful tips on how to get what you want out of a brief conversation.
We feel very fortunate to have so many talents within acting among our Young Professionals and we are following their projects with big excitement.  We also encourage all Young Professionals to post on our Facebook wall when there is an interesting play or event coming up so we can share it to our whole network.
If you are a Young Professional and wants to get involved in our network please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Öhberg,
Lisa Öhberg Head of SACC-LA’s Young Professionals, Nathalie Söderqvist, actress, Liisa Evastina, actress, John H. L. Viking, actor